Outsmarting Anxiety - Finding Peace Inside and Out

Online Masterclass

Caught in the Vicious Cycle of What Ifs??

This online masterclass will give you the tools to manage anxiety

Calm the Fight or Flight Response

Anxiety tricks the body into thinking its in a constant fight for life. Learn how to calm this response and use it to your advantage.

Is Anxiety in the Genes?

Learn how certain genes can make you more prone to anxiety and the impact of lifestyle and environment on these genes.

Treatments Beyond Medication

Many alternative therapies are backed by scientific research and can provide amazing relief! Learn which therapies are the most effective and how to implement them.

This Masterclass Includes a Ton of Bonus Material - A Seven Day Meal Plan, Recommended Supplements, Guide to EFT and More!

See What Others Have to Say About Dr. Ginsberg and Sheila


Dian’s team brought me back to life and I’m forever grateful. At my worst, I had dropped to 89 pounds. I had seen multiple doctors/specialists. She was the only one to listen and understand. She ordered the right tests. I did everything that both Dian and Megan told me to do - and my body healed. I have weight back on and look human. I may always have a slight issue here and there - but I know the path to be on. Best team, best nutritionists, best care I’ve ever received- THANK YOU 😉

J. Merrill

Dr. Ginsberg is thorough, thoughtful, smart, and funny! She really helped me understand my body better and did thorough labs to get to the bottom of what was causing me to feel so fatigued a few years ago. Sheila is also super knowledgeable and helped me work out a plan to get my body into a healthier state and I was able to get pregnant with my daughter easily. I am SO grateful that a friend recommended Dr. Ginsberg and Sheila to me, and will continue to drive to see them even after I move out of town in the near future. It’s so refreshing to have a medical team like this who looks for the root causes and doesn’t just throw medication at symptoms.

S. Sarda