Leaky Gut Support Meal Plan

This Leaky Gut Support Meal Plan contains high amounts of seafood from salmon, tuna, trout and scallops. Omega-3 intake in these foods helps reduce inflammation in the gut and elsewhere in the body to promote a healing response. These foods are also high in selenium, glutamine, vit A and D and other nutrients the gut needs for repair. The fish used in these recipes are low in mercury. Polyphenols found in vegetables, olive oil and other plant foods are also very important for the gut and used in healthy amounts in each of these recipes.

This meal plan is gluten, dairy and soy free. This meal plan is NOT appropriate for those following a low histamine diet or for those allergic to seafood.

This 7-day meal plan comes with a grocery list and complete nutritional information for each recipe. The serving size for each recipe is also included and you can double or even triple the recipes for leftovers or to feed bigger families.

*This meal plan is not intended to treat any health or medical condition but to support health and wellness.