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Menopause Management and the Truth About Hormone Replacement

Many women are suffering through menopause with night sweats, hot flashes, brain fog and mood swings. This webinar will start you on the journey to real relief and bust through all the myths about hormone replacement. This masterclass is a great place to start before meeting with Dr. Ginsberg if you are menopausal or peri-menopausal.

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Mold Toxicity Masterclass

Learn about the symptoms of mold and mold toxicity that could be destroying your life!

 (Real Practical Stepwise Protocols!)

Learn why certain people are more susceptible to mold toxins: Are you one of them and do not realize it? (Help is here!)


Learn specific evaluations and techniques to detect mold in your everyday life-


Navigating the Hormone Roller Coaster

Masterclass for Women Over 35 to help manage the symptoms of Peri-Menopause such as weight gain, brain fog, poor sleep, mood swings and more.

Do the 'What If?' Thoughts Control You?

Learn steps to effortlessly balance your brain and remove anxiety from your life in our one-of-a-kind Masterclass!


Take Control of Your Thyroid

Learn how the overall state of your body affects your thyroid, how to interpret your thyroid labs and what labs to request and ways to balance your thyroid naturally in this Masterclass.

Menopausal Support Meal Plan

Certain foods have been shown to reduce menopausal symptoms and this meal plan is stuffed full of them! The foods in this meal plan also support healthy aging and metabolism. This Menopausal Support Meal Plan averages 1400 calories with around 30g of fiber or more, and very low sugars (all coming from natural sources).  

Leaky Gut Meal Plan

Leaky gut or increased intestinal permeability has become more of a concern in recent years due to stress, increased use of antibiotics and other medications, more processed foods and the increase in food sensitivities.  

This meal plan is designed to provide the nutrients the gut needs to heal and avoids foods that can be possible triggers.

Fertility and Pregnancy Support Meal Plan

Ancient societies put emphasis on diet for the mama to be knowing that what you eat has a huge influence on hormones. This meal plan is perfect for those who are getting ready to conceive and for those that are already pregnant.

Stress and Anxiety Support Meal Plan

Your diet can have a significant impact on anxiety! A recent PubMed review outlined over 1500 papers showing the connection between diet and anxiety levels. We have put those recommendations into a 7-day meal plan that is gluten and dairy free.

Dairy Free Keto Meal Plan

This keto plan averages 1400 calories and is gluten and dairy free. There is a higher than usual focus on veggies and fiber for a keto plan so total carbs may appear higher but net carbs are lower than 25g each day. This plan focuses on real food as opposed to keto prepared snacks and treats.